How exactly does Box Wine work?

It’s simple! Basically there is only one choice of box (4 wines - 2 white, 2 red), all you need to do is decide whether you want to collect or add delivery. Boxes are sent out on the first week of the month and should be with you the next day if couriered. The theme and content of each box is a closely guarded secret that will be revealed with clues & playlist at the beginning of each month with a notification email. This then gives you a month to enjoy your wines and drink at your leisure. Make sure to have a good read of The Grape Times which comes alongside your wines with a space for your notes and recipe to try out!

If I sign up for a subscription, how long am I tied in for?

Our subscription service is totally flexible and therefore you can tell us up to the 28th of the preceding month if you would like to cancel or make any additions or changes to your subscription.

If I am on holiday can I skip a monthly box?

Of course – or even if you just have too much wine (is that possible?!).

I would love to sign up to your subscription but I only drink red/white wine?

At the moment we are just offering one type of case which is a mix of white and red. We have had great feedback from our customers that this gives them the opportunity to try new things and chance to try something different to their normal wines of choice.

I want to sign up but am a little unsure of the best delivery option for me?

You can either collect your BoxWine from Unwined in Tooting (we’re open Tue 3-10:30pm, Wed-Sat 11am-11pm, Sun 11am-5:30pm) or we can organise to have your BoxWine delivered to you. 

We use APC Couriers (well respected couriers in the Wine trade!) on an overnight, fragile service. This costs £13.00 per delivery. The delivery address need not be your home address, it could be your office or a click and collect service such as Doddle. To save you money we can send you up to 30kg of wine to you at once! This could be more of your favourite wines, or up to 3 months of BoxWine together.

Here is a little breakdown of how courier charges affect your monthly charge: 

Can I order any more of the wines I like?

Indeed you can! We will send an email every month with details of the wines you tasted and the prices, if you would like to order any additional bottles from your monthly box you can so by the 28th of the month and they will simply be delivered with your next monthly box.

I live outside of London - can I order Box Wine?

Yes you can - we ship to the rest of the UK as well as London. See above for details of courier charges.