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The beginner's guide to launching a food startup

Taken from the Guardian website 

Anyone with enough drive and desire can launch their own foodie haven, be it a food van, supper club or pop-up restaurant. But no two people will follow the same path to success. This day-long event features practical advice from inspiring entrepreneurs who've made their mark in the famously mercurial food trade, giving you the benefit of the most important lessons they learned the hard way. From creating a unique concept and planning a menu to securing financing and licensing, and recruiting, you'll learn everything you'll need to master to get your kitchen up and running, including how to recruit train and manage staff.

The course is curated and hosted by pop-up pioneer Stuart Langley, the brains behind the critically lauded Disappearing Dining Club, who will share his personal insight and professional experience to whet your appetite for the business. The day also includes talks from Missy Flynn from Rita's Bar and Dining, Abiye Cole who started street food sensation Big Apple Hot-dogs, Bash Redford from Forza Win and Kiki Evans, one half of wine tasting business A Grape Night In, who will ensure you leave the course with a fully-formed plan for your new venture.


Stuart Langley founded Disappearing Dining Club in 2010 after 15 years of running bars, restaurants and members clubs in London and overseas. The Club aims to bring "like-minded people together to enjoy great food, drink and good company in reclaimed or unusual private spaces in London." Alongside dinner dances and pop-up events, Stuart launched Back in 5 Minutes on Brick Lane in summer 2013.

Abiye Cole decided a few years back that he never wanted to have a boss again so decided to launch Big Apple Hot-dogs. After living in Manhattan in his 20s and sampling New York's finest hot dogs, Abiye brought a New York-style hot-dog cart to the UK. Based by London's Old Street roundabout, Big Apple Hot-dogs has become a huge success, selling good quality hot dogs at affordable prices and is famous among street food fans.

Missy Flynn has been working in bars and restaurants for eight years, having grown up above pubs all over London and getting a taste for the business side of food and drink from an early age. After graduating with a degree in publishing, Missy moved into Hawksmoor HQ to work on launching and marketing the by-then growing group, opening their restaurants in Covent Garden and Guildhall. Missy left the security of a good job to become co-owner of the successful East London pop-up Rita's Bar and Dining. She now works as a managing director of Rita's and also works as a consultant for restaurants and drinks brands, most recently launching Casa Negra in Shoreditch and introducing a Berlin based brand of Coconut Water to the UK market.

Bash Redford started Forza Win after growing disillusioned with his marketing job. After five years working for brands, festivals and other people's awesome sounding events, he decided it was time to create his own. Teaming up with London's street food darlings, The Pizza Pilgrims, London's first rooftop pizzeria was opened in the summer of 2012. They shut down three weeks later… Forza Win now boasts six sell out events and a reputation for exceptional Italian fare in exceptional spaces. Bash continues to sail the good ship Forza as well as starting other projects in other places, spaces and industries.

Kiki Evans is one half of A Grape Night In, who've been creating unique wine tasting experiences since 2012. Kiki first worked with wine and food whilst studying and travelling, working as a sommelier at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen, where she met her business partner Laura. During one particular night in with a bottle of sherry, Laura shared her idea of A Grape Night In – a business which offered at home wine tastings, small intimate dinner parties at home, work summer parties and pop-up wines bars. With a burning passion for wine, A Grape Night In want to celebrate and educate a new generation of wine lovers out there thirsty to experiment, better understand and ultimately enjoy more wine.

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