Like with box wines...

Wine shouldn't be posh.

Box wine isn't poncey, and we don't think wine should be.
We want to make wine more fun & topical as we relate it to the world around us, hence our monthly themes.

You get more value for money!

In the past box wine skimped on glass and corks, but we bring you wines that over-deliver for their price tag

It's more than just the packaging

So we champion small producers, lesser known regions, unheard of grapes, and the amazing stories behind it.

You should enjoy it as you like it!

We want anyone and everyone to taste more wines! So enjoy your wine whenever, wherever, and however - even in your pants! (Just please don't send us a picture...)

Box Wine gives you...

4 yummy wines = 
2 red, 2 white
(that's 1 a week!)

wine notes.png

'The Grape Times'
paper reveals the secret theme

Wines from off the beaten track grapes & regions


Better value & quality wines
for your money

No more guess work - leave the hard work to us!

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Easy sign up,
no contract, & totally flexible

Box price monthly.png

Monthly payment of £42.50 (+ delivery) for a 4 bottle box each month

Box price bi monthly.png

Monthly payment of £21.25 (+ delivery) for a 4 bottle box every 2 months


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